What Do I Need?

All individuals or business entities intending to engage in construction work in Utah must obtain a state issued contractor license. At least one individual must be selected to act as the qualifier for the license, which requires the individual to pass the necessary tests prior to applying for the license. Each license requires a Business Law exam to be passed, and most licenses require a trade specific exam also. Licenses require either two years or four years of legally valid experience under a licensed contractor. If an individual’s experience is gained in Utah, then the experience must be either as a W-2’d employee of, or as a registered partner in a licensed company. W-2’s or K-1’s are required as part of the application. If an individual is licensed in another state as a sole proprietor, then Schedule C’s must be submitted with the application. 1099’s are never acceptable. General contractor licenses (E100, B100 and R100) require that at least half of the needed experience is in a supervisory position.

  1. A desire to change your life and become a trade professional?
  2. Qualifing test scores? (check out our NO PASS NO PAY Guarantee!)
  3. A Registered business entity?
  4. Liability insurance?
  5. Workers compensation insurance?
  6.  2-4 Years W2 work experience depending on your trade?
  7. Signed affidavite of work experience
  8. Licensing Application for filing with DOPL

Utah Contractor License Center can assist you in every step above.  The normal procedure for obtaining a license is 1) testing, 2) business entity set-up and registered agent 3) obtain general liability insurance and 4) filling out and submitting an application.

Become a contractor

If you are not eligible and you need a qualifier for your company we can assist you in this as well.

Licensing Specialist are standing by to answer your questions and get you on the road to success!