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About Us

What We Do

We provide Licensing and Business Solutions for Contractors.

Our Mission

The Utah Contractor License Center is committed to helping contractors pass their license exam. We also help you establish a business entity, apply for and acquire your contractor license, secure bonding coverage, insure risk, and outsource your employer responsibilities.

How We Do That

Established in 1993, Utah Contractor License Center is a Utah business school that has assisted thousands of contractors in starting their contracting business, and then provided services to see that these businesses are successful. Our company is contractor-owned and operated. We are very familiar with the industry, and provide contractors with the know-how to operate a successful business.

Passing the state contractor license exams with our computerized learning system is easy, and we guarantee that you will pass the exam with our NO PASS – NO PAY Guarantee.

Utah Contractor License Center is experienced in preparing your legal documents in the state of Utah. You can rest assured that your documents will all be filled out correctly and filed on time. Our staff is top notch and committed to your success.

About the Founder and Owners

In 1973, Robert C. Bowman obtained his general contractor license in Arizona and began building both commercial and residential structures. From the start, he was committed to providing the highest quality workmanship that would benefit both himself and his clients.

As he established his reputation in the industry, many of his peers turned to him for assistance in obtaining their own licenses. Recognizing the need for quality training and support in the growing construction industry, Robert founded Construction Seminars in 1984. He was passionate about helping others succeed in their business endeavors and quickly gained a reputation for his dedication to his clients' success and in 1993 officially organized National Contractor Services Corp in Arizona.

Over the years, Robert established additional businesses to help contractors succeed, including Utah Contractor License Center in 1993, Affordable Business and Contractor Insurance in 1998, and Trigon Staff Administrators in 2000.

In 2003, Robert sold both the Arizona and Utah Contractor License Centers to his brother William Bowman and his business partner Michael Shadel, who had been with Robert since the beginning. Under their leadership, both companies have continued to thrive and are now the most successful contractor services organizations in the country.

As of 2018, the Arizona Contractor License Center and the Utah Contractor License Center have collectively helped over 60,000 contractors obtain their licenses and achieve lasting success in their businesses. With their unwavering commitment to their clients' success and a full spectrum of services for contractors, William and Michael continue to lead the industry and help contractors achieve their goals.