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Registered Agent

Let us be your registered agent for your contractor business

Choosing the Utah Contractor License Center as your Registered Agent will help you keep your entity in good standing with the Utah Division of Corporations and Commercial Code (UDOC), and the Utah Division of Professional Licensing (DOPL) with address changes, annual reports, renewals and changes in the entity. The UDOC does not send out notification of annual report filings that are due, but as your Registered Agent we take care of that for you.

What is a Registered Agent?

When filing as a Limited Liability Company or Corporation, you are required to have and appoint a registered agent. This must be any individual with a physical address in the State of Utah that has resided there for at least one year. However, different people will do different things as registered agent.  

Benefits of Using Utah Contractor License Center as your Registered Agent:

    • If your address ever changes, you need only to notify our office. In turn, we will send you all the necessary forms to complete for notifying the various state agencies. Once completed, you may return them to our office and we will deliver them for you.

    • Annually review the status of your Limited Liability Company or Corporation and offer assistance if your company is not in good standing.

    • If you have made changes which would effect the structure of your company, we can assist you in advising the steps necessary to insure that your contractor's license remains in good standing, and in some instances, we can even assist you with the changes.

    • You will have knowledgeable resources available for answering your questions as they relate to your contractor's license.

    • If you are served with any court related documents, they must serve those to us as your registered agent. This will prevent untimely visits to your home or job site, which may cause embarrassment. These documents will be forwarded to you via certified mail and kept strictly confidential.

Facts relating to individuals who act as their own registered agent

    • Approximately 80-90% of the corporations having an individual acting as their own registered agent fail to file a timely annual report. This results in involuntary dissolution of your corporation and can affect the good standing status of your contractor's license and bonding.


    • If your corporation is involuntarily dissolved, you are at risk of someone else taking and using your corporate name. This could result in additional time and money spent making changes to your business name and contractor's license.

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