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Utah Contractor License Center specializes in training Utah Contractors to pass the Utah State Contractors licensing exams through our exam preparation services. Our top Contractor schools will show you the ins and outs of each subject matter of the Contractor testing.

Our Commitment - Call today 1-800-400-2663

Utah Contractor License Center is committed to your success. We have been helping Contractors pass the state license exam since 1972. We have a full time staff working on our curriculum, and our in-house computerized study system is designed to get you prepared in the shortest amount of time possible. When needed we are available to answer any questions you have. We are here to help you pass the exams.

Trusted Experience - Call today 1-800-400-2663

The reason our students pass the exam is our dedication to quality curriculum, in depth knowledge of the trade subjects and the amount of time we spend with each and every student to assure their success. We offer years of experience with our research and development team.

NO PASS - NO PAY® GUARANTEE - Call today 1-800-400-2663

Should one of our students fail we will spend the time to discover the problem, present a solution and help the student gain the confidence to pass the test. If one of our students is unable to pass the test we will refund their entire seminar fee once they provide us with their failing scores from the testing center.

Convenient Locations - Call today 1-800-400-2663

Utah Contractor License Center has grown from a one office operation into a statewide solution for your seminar preparation needs. We have expanded our operations to include many Locations throughout Utah and Arizona to provide our Contractor clients with convenient locations and flexible study hours to meet the demands of a busy work schedule.

Test Preparation Fees - Call today 1-800-400-2663

Should you decide to prepare for the test on your own you will need to be prepared to pay hundreds dollars in reference books and your time trying to study for your state exams. If you choose to do this on your own you can purchase the reference books through our online bookstore iContractor.net where we have outlined each exam and what books are open and closed for the actual exam with the testing agency.
By letting Utah Contractor License Center handle your test preparation, we will provide instruction on what books you need if you need any at all, tutoring on the subject matter and work with you until you pass the test. All of this for $150 for the Business Law test, $400 for electrical code and theory.

License Classification Assistance - Call today 1-800-400-2663

Our Licensing Specialists will work with you to determine which Utah Contractor license you need saving you time and money.  If you wish to view our list of licenses and cost involved follow this link.

Pre-License Courses - Call today 1-800-400-2663

We highly recommend using Associated Builders & Contractors for your Pre-License and Continuing Education Requirements 

Instruction - Call today 1-800-400-2663

Our computerized study system with its Read, Learn and Test modes is a complete system designed to prepare you for what you need to know in order pass the exams.

Trust our team of experts to help you through the Test Preparation process.

Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing (DOPL) - Call today 1-800-400-2663

In order to qualify for a Contractor license in the state of Utah:
Building, Engineering, Electrical, Plumber General contractor applicants must pass a business law test with a 70% or higher, possess experience in construction, take a 25 hour pre-license course, and take 5 additional hour course for preparing you for the test.  
Subcontractor applicants must take a 25 hour pre-license course.
DOPL has been appointed by the Utah State legislature and the governor to provide oversight and administration of the state exam and licensing approval process.

DOPL does not provide license exam preparation services, application review, entity review or bonding services for the applicant.