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A Guide to Hunting in Utah This Fall Season
Published November 5th, 2019

There are golden hunting opportunities for both fur-bearing animals and big game in Utah. The mountains provide excellent hunting grounds and the fall season comes with a wide variety of animals in the open season. However, completing a hunter safety course is a must for every hunter, and in some cases, you'll have to acquire special permits for some specific species and the type of hunt. 

Whatever you're hunting, be it birds, smaller fur-bearing animals or the big game, there is a guidebook for each category of species available for download  HERE . This guidebook contains a list of animals that require permits and the time you can hunt them. You can buy hunting and fishing licenses and permits from  Utah division of wildlife resources .

Below is a list of six animals available for a hunt in Utah through the fall season. 

1. Deer

The deer season in Utah is lasting. Bowhunters can begin their hunt in Wasatch, Uintah Basin, and Ogden areas from mid-August to the end of November. Those who use firearms can hunt their deer from Oct. 18 to Oct. 26. And, for those who use a muzzleloader can begin their deer hunt from late September to early October according to  Hunting Season HQ .

2. Elk

Bowhunters can hunt down Elks from mid-August to mid-September. Its hunting season ends in mid-December in the Wasatch Front and Uintah Basin. The hunt for spike elks by the bow in Sanpete Valley begins from mid-August to early September and can be stretched from November to the end of December. 

Firearm hunters can hunt bull elks in October until mid-month and muzzleloader hunters can kill them from late October to early November. However, the youth can hunt down bull elks from mid-to late-September and can be extended from the end of November to mid-January.

3. Pronghorn and Moose

Pronghorn and moose can be taken down by firearms from September to mid-November.

4. Mountain Lions

The hunt for mountain lions by guns begins from September to the end of December.

5. Bighorn Sheep

Firearm hunters can hunt bighorn sheep from September through the end of the year.

6. Coyotes

The hunt for coyotes has no special permits and no bag limits and they can be hunted throughout the year. There is also a $50 bounty for each animal killed legally, as of 2015. You can check the details with the Utah DWR


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