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Consistency is the Key to Success
Published May 24th, 2022

Consistency is the key to success, because it leads to habits. Habits form the actions we take every day. Action leads to success. This consistency is the magic key that unlocks the door to success in any field. But consistency is not like an on/off thing. You need to be consistent in your actions and your thoughts, in order to experience the success that it brings. Here is why consistency is key to success.  

Creates Accountability 

Accountability is an integral part of success. This is probably the most obvious factor, yet somehow the most easily overlooked. It's innately human to deflect responsibility and point blame elsewhere when we haven't got the outcome we wanted. By creating consistency around work goals and targets, and implementing practices that keep you on course, you inevitably create accountability for not only yourself but your team. Eventually, this results in success in whatever process or actions are taken. 

Consistency builds discipline 

Consistency is a habit you need to work on; it doesn't come naturally to everyone. You're building that new habit and know you have to stay on track to achieve that consistency within your business. This helps you to stay focused on your goals and ramp up your levels of self-control to keep on track. The more disciplined you are with it, the better the results you get and the less overwhelmed you'll feel about your business growth.

Sustained success is fueled by consistency

Until you have tried something new for a while and in a consistent way, you can't decide if it works or not. How do you measure effectiveness if what you are measuring isn't done consistently?

Strive to give new initiatives, processes, and organizational structures at least six months before judging them as a success or failure. It's often minor tweaking instead of major overhauls that make the difference.

Consistency maintains your message

Your team pays as much or more attention to what you do as to what you say. Consistency in your leadership serves as a model for how they will behave.  If you treat a meeting as unimportant, don't be surprised when you find they are doing the same to fellow teammates or even customers.

Consistency helps you build momentum

When the aeroplane is about to take off, it has to go down the runway for a few kilometres before flying. This operation helps the plane to accelerate long enough to gain the speed required for it to lift into the air. That's the same with consistency; it allows you to build the momentum you need to accomplish your goals. Without consistency, you'll keep running around with little or no results.

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