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Contractor Test Preparation: Why You Should Not Take Online Class
Posted on July 14th, 2016

With online classes growing in popularity, the area of contractor test preparation has undoubtedly taken notice of the trend and courses have appeared to provide contractors a convenient way of studying for the  state exams . While online courses are not inherently bad, that may not be the right path for those wishing to be a licensed contractor in Arizona. Here are reasons why you should reconsider online classes and opt for in-person ones instead.

1) Lack of assistance

When you attend an in-person course, you meet and get to know the staff that are there to help you. You have the opportunity to ask questions and get real-time feedback. At UTCLC especially, we work with you individually to make sure you meet all the requirements before scheduling an exam. With online classes, you will have difficult time in getting a timely responses to your questions and concerns.

2) Expensive course materials

Chances are that you have already spent (and will spend) a lot of money in branching out to start your own business. The last thing you want to do is shell out thousands of dollars to buy materials for your exams. Online classes typically do not provide you with reference books, so you would need to spend up to thousands of dollars to obtain them elsewhere. If you take classes with us we help guide you only to the most important material covered on your exam.  This could potentially save you hundreds of dollars and even more importantly alot of time. 

3) Too much independence

Succeeding in online courses depend greatly on self-discipline. If you had not been in school for a long time, you may find it hard to study on your own. It can be very easy to procrastinate and skip study sessions, especially with no one to hold you accountable. When there are people you must answer to, you have more motivation to keep up with the materials. Not to mention, in-person courses provide you with people who can guide you through the studying process if you feel yourself getting lost.

4) No guaranteed success

At UTCLC, we have a "no pass, no pay" guarantee. This means if you fail an exam, we will refund your entire seminar fee. Not only that, we will work with you to figure out what went wrong and provide solutions to help you pass it the second time around. Our highest priority is providing our students with the tools to succeed, but the same cannot necessarily be said about other schools.

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