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  • The 8 Historic Sites in Utah You Can't Miss

    Published August 16th 2018 at 1:22pm

    Utah is rife with beauty and history. From its Native American beginnings to settling the Frontier and developing religion, Utah is a state with personality. To see the best historic sites this state has to offer, check out the list below.

    1. Cove Fort

    Located in  Millard County , just 24 miles North of Beaver,  Cove Fort  is one of the most visited landmarks in Utah each year. It is the only 1800's-built, Latter-Day Saints fort still standing today; with origins dating back to 1847. It is made from lava rock and originally designed to protect and house travelers, though Brigham Young took over the design and direction of the building in 1867.

    2. The Logan Vicinity

    You can spend the entire day in historic  Logan ; nestled just North of Salt Lake City. It's loaded with history and culture, with around 150 years under its belt. From its Temple, downtown district, and American West Heritage Center, Logan allows visitors to take a step back in time.

    3. Moqui Cave

    Kanab is located in one of the most remote areas of Utah, and  Moqui Cave  is just  5.5 miles North  of there. The Moqui Cave is a natural history museum built right into the rocks of the mountain; full of artifacts, rocks, minerals, and more. Guests can walk up to 200 feet into the mountain and enjoy the gift shop.

    4. Temple Square

    Utah is rich with religious history, with the Mormon/Church of Latter-Day Saints finding their roots there.  Temple Square  encompasses 35 acres of Salt Lake City, right in the  heart of downtown . It's full of history, as the center of the Church's religious and political affairs. Visitors can see the historic Temple, Assembly Hall, Salt Lake Tabernacle, and more.

    5. Beehive House

    The  Beehive House  is arguably the most popular attraction at  Temple Square  in Salt Lake City. Although the entire square is dedicated to the state's past, the Beehive House takes visitors on a journey into the life of Brigham Young himself. It was the residential home of the Mormon prophet, as well as other Church leaders. Visitors can tour the house and see objects belonging to the Young family.

    6. Fruita in the Capitol Reef National Park

    Visitors can see what it was like in the Frontier since  Fruita  was an important, Western settlement up until the 1900's. Not only is the scenery magical there, but guests can tour the entire town; full of cabins, barns, a schoolhouse, and beautiful orchards. Located directly inside the Capitol Reef National Park, Fruita is 80 miles  Southeast of Richfield .

    7. This Is The Place Heritage Park

    You won't want to leave Utah without visiting  This Is The Place  Heritage  Park . It delivers an entire village to guests, within  Salt Lake City's city limits , with more than 50 historic homes and structures to see while you're there. In addition, there's a variety of shopping, dining, and entertainment options to keep you busy all day.

    8. Fort Douglas

    Military history lovers have to see  Fort Douglas , located in between  Ogden and Provo . The fort was established in 1862 during the Civil War, to mainly protect mail routes and railroad lines. Visitors can see all types of memorabilia and pieces of history in the Fort Douglas Military Museum and walk the beautiful grounds.

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