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Hurricane Sandy and giving thanks
Posted on November 6th, 2012

As recovery continues in the Northeast after hurricane Sandy, people on the West Coast have a chance to take a breath and give thanks. While many people on the West Coast offered their services to the people that were hit by hurricane Sandy, it is also a chance for those of us who weren’t affected by the storm to take an assessment of what we have.

Because of the devastation seen last year especially from Hurricane Lee on the East Coast, many government officials made plans well and advanced to keep citizens safe and damage to a minimum. Governors in New Jersey and New York were cautious when it came to ordering citizens to evacuate sensitive areas. These governors believed that it was more important for the people to leave to keep them safe and have nothing happened then to have those people stay in their homes and face flooding and other problems from the storm.

States that weren’t in the path of hurricane Sandy sent help. PPL utilities sent crews and preparation for hurricane Sandy to Central Pennsylvania. Many people offered their services in any way they could help. Volunteers from the state of Utah and other places went to areas that were to be hit by hurricane Sandy in order to help get people back on their feet faster. now to give thanks that our friends and family are safe. Those who had friends and relatives that were in the path of Sandy can be thankful that they made it through the storm and are still safe.

Sometimes the best way to give banks is to volunteer. By offering your services to those who are in need you can show that you know what it it’s like to have friends and family there are affected by environmental issues. It is also a way to give back to the community and feel like you are making a difference.


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